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Egyedi, prémium kategóriás fa órák

és asztalok tervezése és kivitelezése


Dokka Design deals with the design and construction of unique, premium category wooden furniture and complete interiors.


I am Ferenc Kádár,

the designer and creator of

Dokka Design furniture.

II love solid wood, I hate furniture boards,

I am obsessed with quality.

The fine-lined, clean shapes are

closest to me. It is characterized by minimalism in style, maximalism in design and workshop work. I am an obsessive developer, a constantly learning type.

There is restrained extravagance

in all my work.

With us, each product designed and created has a separate history.

We consider the protection of the environment important, so we do it for it!


If you want special, timeless furniture,

contact us and we will

discuss the details!


Válogass a Dokka Design 2022-es kollekciójából!